General Consulting

One of the most beneficial member perks is that all members have full access to our in-house consultants for free.

We can help members with just about anything that has to do with Liquor Control-related issues.

Some examples include:
1. Selling your bar/license.
2. Buying a bar/license.
3. Helping you fill out any applications (we will also check applications for errors before you send them in).
4. We can track applications for you.
5. We can help mediate problems with Liquor Control.
6.  We can help you determine if something is legal/illegal (e.g. contests, flyers, etc.)

Although we do not provide members with legal advice, oftentimes we can help save them a call to their attorney. We answer questions by telling members the law and breaking it down for them. We can help members interpret certain laws in layman’s terms.

We maintain a solid relationship with Liquor Control and we can often get your questions answered on a case by case basis anonymously. (e.g. You created a poster and you’re not sure if it’s legal to disseminate. We can take your poster, send it to liquor control anonymously and get a response about the legality of said poster.)