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The MLBA presents a loud, unified voice in Michigan's beverage alcohol industry. Membership in the MLBA gives you the necessary clout to make an impact on issues affecting your business and the industry. 

Our Mission

To improve the business climate for members by playing a proactive role with the legislative process, public safety entities and the Michigan Liquor Control Commission, as well as implement innovative and useful membership services to promote the moral, social and intellectual advancement of members of the Michigan Licensed Beverage Association.  


The MLBA was founded by business men and women just like you. They were people living the American dream of owning their own businesses, but were challenged by strict regulations and Prohibitionists. They recognized that they needed to band together to fight for their survival and prosperity.

Today, the faces and names have changed but many of the same challenges remain. 

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The MLBA's purpose is to improve the business climate for its members by playing a pro-active role with state and local legislative processes, state and local public safety entities, and the Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC), as well as implementing innovative and useful membership services.