Government Affairs

Founded in 1939, the MLBA gives Michigan licensees the competitive edge they need to survive and maintain a thriving business. From the neighborhood bar, to the full service hotel, the MLBA understands the problems licensees face – regulation, over taxation and a decreasing market.

The MLBA was founded by business men and women just like you. They were people living the American dream of owning their own businesses, but were challenged by strict regulations and Prohibitionists. They recognized that they needed to band together to fight for their survival and prosperity.

Today, the faces and names have changed but many of the same challenges remain. From those early beginnings, the Michigan Licensed Beverage Association has evolved into a modern day full-service trade association, offering its members a wide range of support services designed to help them run their businesses more efficiently and to make sure our laws and regulations are administered fairly.

What we've recently accomplished:

• $409 million package (liquor license fees,

  food inspection fees, property taxes)'

• Drinks to go

• Social districts

• Spirits discount from the state

• Two-for-one pricing

• Increased purchases from SDD by Class-C

• Refunding expired beer

What we're working on:

• Combating an agenda to end the tip credit

• Getting more money appropriated for liquor & 
   food license fees

• $10 million reimbursement for server training

• Allowing 17-year-olds to serve alcohol

• Making self-serve beer walls legal