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Required Posters:

Many required posters are offered free by various government agencies. Call the numbers listed below to order any posters you may need, or check the Department of Labor’s website to see if they are available for download.



US Department of Labor

General Information Referral Service: (866) 487-9243
Employment Standards Administration: (517) 322-1825

Posters required:

Federal Minimum Wage Law
Family and Medical Leave Act
General Requirements For the Employment of Minor
Employee Polygraph Protection Act
Equal Opportunity

Occupational Safety & Health Administration


Required Posters:

OSHA Workplace Poster

State of Michigan

Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

Bureau of Safety & Regulation: (517) 322-1608
Consultation, Education & Training: (517) 322-1809
MIOSHA: (517) 322-1814
Bureau of Workers & Unemployment Compensation: (800) 638-3994

Required Posters:

Michigan Safety and Health Protection on the Job
Overtime Compensation Rules
General Rules
Michigan Minimum Wage Law
Michigan Whistleblowers’ Protection Act
Unemployment Agency Poster

Department of Civil Rights: (800) 482-3604

Required Poster:

Discrimination Prohibited

While this list is intended to be complete, it is always smart to check with the state concerning which posters are actually required in your establishment.