Canvassers Decline Raise the Wage Ballot Proposal


Earlier today, the Michigan Board of State Canvassers declined to place the Raise the Wage Michigan ballot proposal on the 2024 ballot. The ballot proposal was rejected due to multiple language errors as well as missing signatures.

If placed on the ballot, the initiative would have phased in a $15/hr. minimum wage and would have abolished the tipped wage by 2027. 

Raise the Wage's attorney, Mark Brewer, said that at this time the group is not appealing the decision. However, this does not mean that it won't be appealed at a later date. The group could also choose to begin gathering signatures for a new ballot initiative, however, they would face time constraints. 

Also note that the Michigan Supreme Court is set to decide whether or not they will hear the "Adopt and Amend" case in the coming weeks. If they choose not to hear the case, nothing will change. If they decide to hear the case and side in favor with the lower court, nothing will change. However, if they overturn the lower court's ruling, the minimum wage will instantly raise to just over $13/hr. and the tipped wage will be abolished. 

The MLBA will continue to monitor these issue as they progress and we will report any news to members if anything arises.