Court of Appeals Sides in our Favor 3-0

Posted By: Mason Doerr Industry,


This morning, the Court of Appeals made a decision on the Adopt and Amend case, which could have had dire consequences for our industry.

The bipartisan court ruled 3-0 in our favor, deeming Adopt and Amend constitutional. This is a huge win for our industry and we are proud to see our hard work pay off.

If the court would have deemed Adopt and Amend unconstitutional, the minimum wage would have immediately risen to $13.03/hr. and the tipped minimum wage would have immediately risen to $11.73/hr. On Jan. 1, 2024, the tipped minimum wage would have been phased out completely. It would have also required employers to provide unfair mandatory paid sick leave for employees.

There is a chance that this decision will be appealed up to the Michigan Supreme Court, however, since the Court of Appeals panel is bipartisan, we are hopeful that the Michigan Supreme Court will not hear the appeal.

We will provide everyone with continued updates as we receive them.

Thank you very much!


- MLBA Staff -