FREE CLASSES: Communication & De-Escalation Strategies for Dealing with Difficult Customers

by Mason Doerr


We have heard from several bar owners who are experiencing issues with customers not wearing masks. Sometimes these situations get heated and staff members don’t know how to react. In partnership with Keene Training and Consulting and Techniques of Alcohol Management (TAM®), your number one training resource, we will be hosting two free de-escalation training courses for you and your staff. The course is taught by instructors with law enforcement backgrounds and extensive knowledge in crisis communications and de-escalation strategies.


40-45 minutes of instruction
15-20 for Q&A

Free classes:

Monday, July 20th 2 p.m.
Thursday, July 30th 3 p.m.

RSVP by with the email addresses for those who will be participating.
We will then send a Zoom invite and password to use the day of the class. 

Class Information:

Regardless of your business, communication is critical to the services you provide. Do your employees have the necessary skills to deal with difficult customers? Dealing with customers in the era of COVID, this training will equip your employees with the skills to be successful in any situation.

In our dynamic, hour-long webinar, Winning With Words, we will cover:

► How to ensure you (the employee) do not escalate a situation
► Active listening skill concepts, voice tone, physical cues and “trigger” phrases
► Proven de-escalation techniques
o The Soft Sell
o The Tactful Interruption
o Hit the Reset Button
o The Boomerang
► How to “Close the Loop” for all customer interactions

Providing this type of training for your employees will show them there is a genuine interest in their success when dealing with customers. For management, this will establish a basis for professionalism and consistency amongst your staff. And for the business owner the end result will be peace of mind.

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