Legislative Recap & Important Survey!

by Mason Doerr


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Weekly Legislative Recap:

SB 559: Introduced by Senator Nesbitt. The bill would remove the sunset on drinks to go and social districts and make them permanent.

HB 4557: Introduced by Rep. Wendzel. The bill would waive liquor license fees for on-premises establishments for 2022. The year was amended from 2021 to 2022 due to many establishments already paying their dues this year. The prior language did not establish a channel for reimbursement. The bill passed the house (98-10) and will now move over to the senate.

SB 230: Introduced by Senator McBroom. The bill would extend the current spirits discount through 2023 and would waive liquor license fees for 2021. We are working to have the bill amended to remove the license fees waiver, as HB 4557 will accomplish this and the governor does not have the ability to line-item veto a portion of a bill if she disagrees with either portion.


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