MDHHS Further Restricts Outdoor Service

by Mason Doerr


We have received two new updates from MDHHS regarding outdoor service. We had many calls from members today asking about outdoor service, tents, igloos, etc. Nothing below was listed in the newest emergency order, instead MDHHS is adding these exceptions to their FAQ page.

Many members have expressed interest in applying for the new winter weatherization grants made possible through the state. However, receiving grant money to add a tent with one side for outdoor service during Michigan winters seems pointless for the majority of businesses.

The update will:

(1) make clear that a tent enclosed on a single side is allowed (tents with more than one side down will not allowed);
(2) creates “igloo for a one household” exception, instead of treating igloos as indoors.

Q: How is “indoors” defined for the purposes of this order?

A: As used in the order, “indoors” means within a space enclosed fully or partially on the top, and enclosed fully or partially on more than one side. Indoor spaces therefore include most buildings (such as barns and garages), vehicles (such as buses and trains), and temporary structures (including tents or canopies with side walls or coverings, unless open on three sides).

Q: What forms of dining are permitted under the order?

Outdoor dining at a food service establishment is permitted. Additionally, a single household may dine inside an igloo, hut, or other small, enclosed space without violating the order, provided that employees enter fleetingly or not at all.

The full FAQ will be available soon at this link:,9753,7-406-98178_98455-533660–,00.html