MLBA: TAM Partners with MIRA and MPA/MACS to Provide Server Training for Members

Posted By: Mason Doerr Industry,

The Michigan Licensed Beverage Association (MLBA) is proud to announce its partnership with Michigan Petroleum Association (MPA), Michigan Association of Convenience Stores (MACS) and Midwest Independent Retailers Associiation (MIRA) to expand its Techniques of Alcohol Management (TAM®) server training program.

"We are proud that the TAM® server training program will now provide training to three of Michigan's largest trade associations that deal with the service and sale of alcohol," said MLBA Executive Director Scott Ellis. "This partnership helps ensure that there is a consistent curriculum taught across multiple sectors of the food & beverage and hospitality industries."

Wherever alcohol is served, it is crucial to prepare staff for the risks, the proper management, and the challenges involved while on the job. TAM® alcohol server certification programs are designed to train liquor service employees in order to prevent the sale of alcohol to minors, prevent the sale of alcohol to intoxicated patrons, identify and respond to false identification and much more.

In this industry, it is imperative that staff is knowledgeable in the safe, professional, and responsible sale and service of alcoholic beverages. At TAM, our alcohol server training and certifications provide you with an easy and affordable program to provide your staff with the skills they need to safely and responsibly sell alcohol to your customers.

Having hospitality employees who have completed alcohol server certification provides businesses with a team that is professional, ethical, and prepared to effectively manage and supervise the complicated and sensitive situations that may arise in their business.

What’s Taught in the Alcohol Server Certification Course:

• Introduction and Pre-Test
• Laws and Ethics
• Clinical Effects of Alcohol
• S.I.R. and M.A.A.M.
• Preventing Underage Purchase and Consumption
• Disturbances
• Laws and Regulations

The Techniques of Alcohol Management (TAM) program was originally developed in 1983, and continuously updated since, by a coalition of people from the licensed beverage industry, the liquor control, law enforcement, highway safety and substance abuse organizations in the State of Michigan. Each appointed a member to sit on a steering committee to oversee the preparation and content of the program. The committee members were brought together to reflect the views and concerns of each organization with the concerns regarding alcohol.

The TAM program is administered by the National Hospitality Institute (NHI)®, a non-profit educational foundation focused on the responsible, efficient and effective management in the hospitality industry. Created by sellers of alcohol, NHI offers programmed developed from the unique perspective of industry veterans and leaders.

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